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Xuzhi Zhang holds a Master of Finance from Oregon State University. He has worked as an investment manager for Hangzhou WanXiang Trust, and then started Hangzhou Yuhang P2P company and small loan company, Zhishuo.



Haoming Xu is a global visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University and a senior computer PhD at Cambridge University, UK. He has served in the Microsoft Research and Development Centre of Europe and the Communication Laboratory of Peking University. His main research areas include machine learning, image processing and bioinformatics. He has written more than 20 papers, which have been published in the journals of SCI and EI.

Dev-Update May 22

Our development team is hard at work to produce the building blocks needed to improve DAG technology to a point where it can serve as a powerful distributed data management tool. You are of course invited to take part in the auditing process and to provide feedback as needed. Please join us on GitHub and participate in the conversation!

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Ledger Nano S Giveaway Campaign

To promote crypto best-practices and to help you improve your Cyber-safety, we decided in cooperation with CryptoDisrupt to give away 10 Ledger Nano S Hardware wallets.

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To Make Smart Cities Secure and Efficient, Blockchains Need to Evolve

To manage smart cities as they are envisioned today, we need high-speed, heavy-duty databases in which information is stored with structure that helps make sense of it. Centralized databases are exceptionally good at this, but when it comes to the data that runs the world (and our own private lives), they are too scary of a solution.

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How CyberVein modifies DAG to revolutionize decentralized databases

CyberVein is a network of immutable, blockchain-based databases on which information can be securely processed, traded, and shared. As such, the CyberVein network raises storage and processing requirements, no existing blockchain can meet. To solve this, CyberVein improves on DAG technology, introduces a novel resource-conserving consensus mechanism, and modifies the Solidity contracting language to adapt it for the processing and monetisation of vast amounts of data.

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Interconnecting the Data That Runs the World - How and Why CyberVein Puts Entire Databases on the Blockchain

To fully realize the potential of the emerging Information Economy, humanity needs to find better methods to incentivise the collection, processing, and trade of data, while protecting against fraud and data-breaches. CyberVein’s decentralized database network provides both the technology to store and process complex databases in an immutable, secure and distributed network, and crypto-economic monetisation mechanisms to incentivise the maintenance of large data sets in the public domain.

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