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Xuzhi Zhang holds a Master of Finance from Oregon State University. He has worked as an investment manager for Hangzhou WanXiang Trust, and then started Hangzhou Yuhang P2P company and small loan company, Zhishuo.



Haoming Xu is a global visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon University and a senior computer PhD at Cambridge University, UK. He has served in the Microsoft Research and Development Centre of Europe and the Communication Laboratory of Peking University. His main research areas include machine learning, image processing and bioinformatics. He has written more than 20 papers, which have been published in the journals of SCI and EI.

Blockchain Without Blocks: The Future of Data Lies on DAG

An article in Forbes recently covered the potential of CyberVein to create a central data marketplace which brings together individuals and businesses. Discussed is how this is possible on a DAG architecture and the unique benefits that such an approach brings.

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The CyberVein Model of Consensus: A Unique Approach with Proof of Contribution

A range of consensus mechanisms are being explored by various startups as a response to Bitcoin’s energy inefficient and costly solution in Proof-of-Work. CyberVein offer a singularly unique consensus mechanism where users have to donate disk space, which is useful to the network, and can be turned into a secure, collective home for decentralized databases.

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Data as the Lifeblood of Artificial Intelligence: CyberVein Can Help Create Superintelligent AI

The concept of the technological singularity is an intriguing one that highlights the power of a superintelligent AI to trigger runaway advancement on a previously unimagined scale. To reach this point, vast quantities of data have to be processed and connected like never before.

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The CyberVein Token Hunt Is On: We’ve Hidden 100,000 CVT in One of the World’s Global Cities!

This month you have the chance to find a hardware wallet with 100,000 CyberVein tokens that we have stashed in a secret location inside one of the world’s most glittering metropolises.

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How to Modernize an Academic Database on the CyberVein DAG

There is a stark reality to the current methods of storing data from academic research; none of them are actually very good. It’s a minefield of security risks which must be weighed up against the accessibility of an academic database. What the CyberVein network offers researchers most crucially is a secure data storage solution with the ability to easily manage access permissions.

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CyberVein Could Have an Easy Fix to Billions of Dollars Wasted in Supply Chains Due to Bullwhip Effect

The bullwhip effect is a phenomenon endemic across almost all markets. It creates a system where information is distorted at every stage in the supply chain, with the result of increased uncertainty and punishing costs. The CyberVein Network could finally bring clarity of information, but with a different solution than has been touted in the relatively new field of blockchain in supply chain logistics.

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The Cybervein DAG Promises a Solution to Blockchain’s Transaction Bottleneck Problem

The current lack of an efficient scaling solution means that a network on the blockchain is prone to clogging, which in turn results in slow transactions and high fees. While as blockchain-based networks grow they become less efficient, a DAG-based network sees improved performance as the number of network users grows. It might be that DAG becomes the go-to solution for applications to be able to reliably scale into the future to the tune of several thousand transactions per second.

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Blockchain Data Science: In the Far Future, How Will We Store and Analyse Big Data?

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture can help solve the question all industry experts are asking: how do we collect, store, and analyse the massive quantities of data we’ll be constantly collecting in the future?

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Keeping the CyberVein DAG in check with Proof of Contribution

DAGs are as beautiful as they are efficient. However, the mathematical structure arising from their design creates challenges that need to be addressed before DAGs can be considered as fail-proof as traditional blockchains. Most DAG projects do this by introducing centralzied elements. This post explains how CyberVein solves this while remianing a %100 decentralized network.

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Dev Update July 4

This month we updated the essentials of the CyberVein DAG ledger, initiated the temporary full-node network, and published a desginated blockchain explorer.

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Thank you Europe!

While back home in Shenzhen first partnerships with local municipalities and research facilities are being worked out, we are extremely excited to expand our collaborations globally.

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Thank you for joining the CVT Airdrop. Any questions?

With over 50000 new community members joining the CyberVein project, the CVT Airdrop is now officially over. We invite you to join us this Friday, at 14:00 UTC for an Ask Us Anything session.

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Dev-update June 13

This month we implemented the CyberVein wallet application. The application communicates with the CyberVein network, creates private\public key pairs and encrypts them with an additional username\password layer. Wallet-account generation and transaction signatures can be performed offline to further protect key pairs.

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CyberVein's Euro-tour started off on right foot in London

The BIS conference was our first stop on a month-long Eurotour. This roadshow trip is our first opportunity to present the CyberVein project to an European audience, and so far the reception of our technology and vision has exceeded our expectations.

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Beyond Supply Chains - How decentralized databases can revolutionize just-in-time production

CyberVein, with its immutable database functionality, adds an entirely new use-case scenario for distributed ledgers in the realm of Supply-Chain management, one providing unprecedented levels of transparency and new tools for automation and economic forecasting.

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Solving the collaboration paradox in Science with decentralized databases

Sincere collaboration in Science is as much a necessity taken for granted, as it is one of the field’s most challenging aspects. CyberVein’s immutable database network holds the potential of mitigating this conflict by providing tools that make fraud much harder while providing economic models that incentivize and reward earnest cooperation.

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Dev-Update May 22

Our development team is hard at work to produce the building blocks needed to improve DAG technology to a point where it can serve as a powerful distributed data management tool. You are of course invited to take part in the auditing process and to provide feedback as needed. Please join us on GitHub and participate in the conversation!

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To Make Smart Cities Secure and Efficient, Blockchains Need to Evolve

To manage smart cities as they are envisioned today, we need high-speed, heavy-duty databases in which information is stored with structure that helps make sense of it. Centralized databases are exceptionally good at this, but when it comes to the data that runs the world (and our own private lives), they are too scary of a solution.

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How CyberVein modifies DAG to revolutionize decentralized databases

CyberVein is a network of immutable, blockchain-based databases on which information can be securely processed, traded, and shared. As such, the CyberVein network raises storage and processing requirements, no existing blockchain can meet. To solve this, CyberVein improves on DAG technology, introduces a novel resource-conserving consensus mechanism, and modifies the Solidity contracting language to adapt it for the processing and monetisation of vast amounts of data.

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Interconnecting the Data That Runs the World - How and Why CyberVein Puts Entire Databases on the Blockchain

To fully realize the potential of the emerging Information Economy, humanity needs to find better methods to incentivise the collection, processing, and trade of data, while protecting against fraud and data-breaches. CyberVein’s decentralized database network provides both the technology to store and process complex databases in an immutable, secure and distributed network, and crypto-economic monetisation mechanisms to incentivise the maintenance of large data sets in the public domain.

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