Learn How Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing the Medical Industry

Get access and learn how CyberVein is improving the fundamental principles of blockchain through four core products that solve issues around management, storage, analytics, and monetization.

In our demo you’ll see one of the four products in action, and how it supported the medical platform of a major hospital  while protecting privacy and data confidentiality. As a result of using our product, the hospital:

Improved accuracy of doctor diagnosis
Increased productivity of staff across departments
Streamlined transfer of case samples across hospitals

Join us as we decentralize and interconnect the data that runs the world.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a true, trustworthy, and efficient enterprise-level big-data platform to empower the real world economy, and achieve greater data usage and monetization at a lower cost. Not only to make data credible and usable, but also to make data truly valuable assets.

See Our Technology In Action

Medical staff

Provide medical staff with in-depth insight into disease diagnosis, treatment methods, and related data support for disease research. In the field of clinical study, researchers' top priority is navigating massive data sets to find relevant information. The development, organization, and usage of big data in scientific research can subvert many burdensome processes and create unexpected discoveries.

100% traceable record processing structure
Organized data sets for ease of access
Helps develop research based treatment plans


Empower patients to actively participate in the medical process. With ease of access to the patient’s health data and past medical history, doctors can make a correct diagnosis with confidence. Medical services grounded in data can innovate the medical model and reduce contradictions between doctors and patients.

Patient-centered services
An effective data integration model
Valuable clinical insights


Provide a medical big data platform to analyze data such as hospital outpatient volume, operation volume, expenses, bed turnover rate, equipment utilization rate, etc. Managers can compare data with previous periods and other hospitals within the region to spot weak links and gaps in the hospital’s economic operations and take effective measures to improve them.

Unified visual analysis and display platform
Data basis for hospital management and operation related decisions
Realize fine hospital management
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The Four Core Products In Data

CyberVein’s four core products can create value independently with different functional attributes, and also each as a holistic system that can be connected in series to provide a more comprehensive big-data solution. This provides business value to applications, creating an enterprise-level data flow platform based on blockchain.


PISR Database
Data Management

Uses the blockchain to record the database status and operations in units of time. This capability provides efficient storage and reliable protection for a data economy rapidly growing in size and complexity. PISR employs safe and reliable virtual machine operations to efficiently aggregate and track data for cross level / cross departmental sharing. By solving the problems in data flow, data’s commercial value can be realized.


Computing Power
Data Analytics

Provides a one-stop artificial intelligence environment for model development, training, and reasoning. Large data centers and idle home computers alike can be added to the integrated computing power platform, increasing efficiency while earning a payment proportional to their contribution.

DAG Storage Chain
Data Storage

Creates safer data storage, with superior efficiency. On a DAG network, nodes verify each other’s transaction on a P2P basis. Since each transaction requires approval of two previous ones, the network’s speed increases exponentially with its size. The lack of blocks and mining means that transactions occur “on the fly” and not in clumpy intervals, the “block-size debate” is rendered irrelevant, and the dangers of centralized hashing power are mitigated.


Federated Learning
Data Monetization

Creates better data management through safe and reliable virtual machine operation and maintenance of user data. Valuable payment and effective pricing of data usage rights creates a fair marketplace for data, while gaining valuable feedback. Data can be converted into services and products in order to meet people's needs, better serve society and continuously improve daily activities.

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There’s a very complex ecosystem that exists in healthcare, and you’ve got competition where you really need transparency, where data is thought of as currency, and you’ve got a lot of cybersecurity issues…

When you start to see that ecosystem come together and establish the rules of the game, that’s where this is going to change.

Barb Hayes, General Manager at IBM Watson Health

Download our Case Study to See the Technology in Action

Join us as we create technology to empower the real world economy, and make data a truly credible, valuable asset.

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