Dev-Update May 22

Dear CyberVein community,

Following our vision of a universal network of decentralized databases, interconnecting human knowledge in a trust-less environment, it comes more than natural to us to develop the CyberVein network as an open-source platform.

Our development team is hard at work to produce the building blocks needed to improve DAG technology to a point where it can serve as a powerful distributed data management tool. You are of course invited to take part in the auditing process and to provide feedback as needed. Please join us on GitHub and participate in the conversation!

Our latest updates and commits focus on network essentials, such as a p2p network protocol, basic account functionality (private\public key pair generator + simple wallet application with custom passwords, etc), and a temporary consensus algorithm. Further submission are in the making, and we will keep you posted here on a weekly basis - so stay tuned, follow us on twitter, and join us on telegram.

Warm Regards,

The CyberVein Team.

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