Thank you Europe!

After starting off in London, continuing to MoneyConf in Dublin (“Where the world's biggest banks and tech firms meet"), we concluded our Eurotour for this summer in Amsterdam, at The Blockchain Expo Europe.

We were deeply encouraged by the buzzing entrepreneurship and openness to new, groundbreaking implementations for blockchain technology we encountered anywhere we went. Our list of new contacts and potential partners has grown by the day. More details on this will follow soon.

CyberVein’s vision of a universal network of decentralized databases, and a new market environment for the trade of information has raised much interest among our European colleagues. Databases are the backbone of the information age, storing and processing them immutably on the blockchain holds the potential of augmenting many projects in the crypto industry, and may liberate many that are still stuck with semi-centralized solutions for their data processing needs.

While back home in Shenzhen our development team is hard at work to get the CyberVein testnet live as soon as possible, and first partnerships with local municipalities and research facilities are being worked out, we are extremely excited to expand our collaborations globally.    

Going forward, we’ll have exhilarating news to share about the implementation of CyberVein’s technology in some domestic Smart City projects. So stay tuned here, follow us on Twitter, and join us on Telegram.

Warm regards,

The CyberVein Team

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