The CyberVein Token Hunt Is On: We’ve Hidden 100,000 CVT in One of the World’s Global Cities!

This month you have the chance to find a hardware wallet with 100,000 CyberVein tokens that we have stashed in a secret location inside one of the world’s most glittering metropolises.

To win, you must solve the clues to the wallet’s secret location and give the correct passphrase to the wallet’s custodian.

A limited number of the first entrants will also get a share of another 100,000 CVT pool, just for entering! We are accepting entries until 7th September 11:59pm so be sure that you enter now.

But first, make sure to complete a few actions on the entry page and follow us on Twitter in order to be eligible for the prize—we’ll be tweeting regular updates so this is the best place to keep up with the latest Token Hunt news.

The New, Globally Connected Smart City

This Global Token Hunt marks what we believe the CyberVein network can do for the modern smart city. Interconnectivity of data on a scale never before seen can transcend boundaries and this is part of our vision.

Decentralized databases - on a DAG architecture, touted as Blockchain 3.0 - which offer security, accessibility, and the ability to rapidly handle petabytes of data, could stand to make the smart city more intelligent than ever.

That’s our global vision and this is why we’ll be hiding massive prizes of CVT in some of the finest world centers.

If you want to nominate or vote for your city to hold the next Token Hunt then tweet at us saying why—the most liked comments will stand a strong chance of having their choice be the next host.

Good luck to all participants and let the CyberVein Token Hunt commence!

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