With Only Minutes to Spare, Theo Is Our Cybervein Token Hunt Champion

We’d like to extend a massive congratulations to Theo Constantinides who managed to locate and grab the 100,000 CyberVein Token (CVT) hardware wallet before anyone else.

Theo is a high school teacher and followed the token hunt closely, solving the final clue before making a mad dash to the endpoint.


He arrived on point at Hub Coffee House in Lambeth, London just moments before the enlisted sister of a token hunter appeared to try and collect the prize. But far from being a sore loser, she stuck around for the great coffee.


Theo said: “Thanks for this fantastic opportunity to obtain some CVT tokens. I’m very grateful, and I was happy to feel like a winner for once, when I picked up the wallet.”


“I’m very excited and looking forward to receiving my tokens.”


A fantastic response from the CyberVein community certainly made the token hunt more scintillating. Twitter was abuzz with people reacting to the latest clue and trying to narrow down where the wallet was stashed. Some may have preferred to hunt alone, but there was a ton of collaboration occurring in the Twittersphere!


In the CyberVein Telegram group, people were scrambling to find out the location and, by the time the hunt drew to a close, people from all over the world were making movements to acquire the wallet by proxy.


Which only serves to make Theo’s final dash even more impressive! Outside of his busy schedule as a secondary school teacher, he has scant free time to be chasing hardware wallets around the city. Luckily for him, the final clue dropped at the weekend and he was able to make his way straight down there.


Thank you to everyone who participated and made the CyberVein Global Token Hunt such a roaring success.


Well done to Theo, too, who at the time of publication has received his tokens. Now he can enjoy his time back at school while waiting for the price of CVT to surge!

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